So compact, So easy, So smart – Valve Islands Series D

1 Jun 2022  |
Series D is a new valve system that ensures maximum flexibility and productivity across many primary industrial automation processes.

Single pneumatic and electric subbases plus a simple valve-connection system make the valve island Series D the ideal solution for all applications that require quick and easy installation of pneumatic functionality. Series D is available in both multipole and serial communication versions. The Fieldbus module allows control of the valve island using the main fieldbus protocols, making it easy to integrate pneumatic and electrical functionality in the most advanced automation systems.

The valve island Series D also equipped with CoilVision® technology which can monitor and predict the wear and efficiency status of selected parts of the solenoid valves. The gathered data, alarm history and health status are indicated through different combinations of flashing LEDs on the module and can be sent to a PLC or to a wireless IIoT gateway and then on to the Cloud.

CoilVision® technology has been developed to constantly monitor the operating parameters of the solenoid that drives the spool. Each operation of the solenoid, in different cyclic configurations and environmental conditions, is analysed to acquire information that is processed by software algorithms to diagnose and predict the health status of the component.

  • Series D – Size 1 is the ideal solution for all industrial applications that require quick and easy installation of pneumatic functionality in restricted spaces.
  • Series D – Size 2 is designed for applications that demand compact dimensions and high flow rates.
  • Series D – Size 4 is particularly suitable for all applications that require high flow rates and require solutions with a robust and compact design.
  • Series D – Size 5 is a single island with a mix of sizes (10.5 and 16) that offers one Multipole or Fieldbus connection, with common positional fixings and single modularity.

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The company is also increasingly involved in the creation of IIOT (industrial internet of things) products and solutions. It works on both the digitalization of production processes and the creation of smart components for real cyber-physical systems. This enables the integration of mechanical, electronic, and digital elements, enabling constant improvements to process performance and the management of data.

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