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Stainless Steel Flow Sensors for Filling and Dosing Applications

Equflow develops and produces stainless steel flow sensors which can perfectly be used to monitor and control filling and dosing operations.

These flow sensors can best be used to handle low viscous liquids, such as soft drinks, beer, wine, milk, and water. A reliable and accurate flow measurement can be guaranteed with a maximum deviation of ≤ 1%.

An ultra-light-weight turbine rotor quickly spins up and down following fluctuating flows accurately. An IR sensor detects and counts the rotor blades that pass this sensor, generating a high resolution IR-reflected digital output signal. In both flow controlled and monitoring applications, the turbine flow sensors can measure flow rates and can simultaneously perform a totalizer function.

The wetted parts of Equflow’s the stainless steel flow sensors are, besides SS316L, made of PVDF or PFA material which are approved for food contact in North America (FDA) and in Europe (EC 1935/2004). Detailed information on these clearances is available upon request. The affordable flow sensors can be used up to 80 degrees Celsius and pressures up to 100 Bar. The modular structure of Equflow’s sensor system facilitates quick and easy installation in your process. This modularity also allows Equflow to offer custom-made solutions to fit the flow sensor perfectly in your process.

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Equflow has perfected the flow measurement of liquids. In ten years, the technology company located in the Dutch province Brabant has thus further developed its own invention into commercial solutions for various applications in which...

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