Sydney Water Selects HAWK For Facility’s Measurement Solutions

Sydney Water Selects HAWK For Facility’s Measurement Solutions
Sydney Water, one of the country’s largest water boards that provide safe drinking water to more than five million people, came to Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) over 30 years ago looking for a level measurement solution. HAWK provided the Rangemaster unit and it is still in operation today.

The senior control system specialist at Sydney Water states, “Not many, if any, instruments last 30 years in such critical duties, exposed to the sun without a sun shield and exposed to H2S. A true industrial quality instrument.” They went on to explain, “Despite its age, the Hawk ultrasonic level on Digester 1 plays a critical ongoing role in monitoring digester lid level. This signal becomes the set point for Digester 2’s lid level control loop and gas flow control valve.” Figure 1.0 shows the trends Sydney Water has been receiving for the last 30 years. The dark blue trace is the HAWK level signal, the cyan trace is the controlled lid level, and the green trace is the controlled opening signal to the valve controlling gas flow.

Sydney Water has 24 more units that were installed around the same time on other sites in NSW and are still working well with no maintenance. These units have weathered the harsh marine environments of the hot Australian Sun, H2S, and Salinity. Sydney Water has been extremely pleased with the quality of product HAWK produces and intends to use additional HAWK products going forward.

HAWK’s products are designed to withstand some of the industry’s harshest environments and accurately measure some of the most difficult applications. HAWK takes pride in its products and heavily invests in R&D, to design and manufacture the highest quality, full solution product offerings. HAWK is committed to providing best-in-class products, services, and technologies that will have unsurpassed value for their customers in practically any industry.

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