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Tapflo FT Filters – New Updated Filter Range from Tapflo

Tapflo FT Filters – New Updated Filter Range from Tapflo
1 Nov 2018  |
Encouraged by the experience and positive customer feedback after the introduction of the initial FTA series, Tapflo has decided to upgrade and expand its filters range. The project on improving the FTA series dates back to 2015, when first filters entered the market under the Tapflo brand name.

“The main idea was to create a more customer-friendly solution, which is achieved by reducing the number of parts to a minimum, with the introduction of a new opening technique and a more stable pump box. There is a possibility to be equipped with various filtering inserts, a factor which allows the new units to work with surface treatment baths, oil absorbing systems and precious metals treatment systems.” – Ali Mohamed-Seghir – Design Engineer.

The updated FT Filters series provides the possibility of using plastic inserts, carbon inserts, oil absorb polypropylene filtering cartridges, active carbon filtering inserts, and FTL Cartridges. FT Filters are also used as an oil absorbing unit. All of these options are possible due to the universal body design.

The updated design and more filtering media open door to the whole new spectrum of applications. Just to name a few:

  • Surface treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Precious metal plating
  • Pharmaceutic industry
  • Laboratories
  • Water treatment

Tapflo is here to provide you with reliable solutions that increase both the quality and safety of your surface treatment processes.

“FT Filters are designed to operate in a tough industrial environment, able to work safely and reliably with acids and alkalis. As a standard we equip FT filters with our robust CTM pumps that are perfect for aggressive media, ensuring safety at work regardless of the conditions. This solution is ready to resist hard conditions all over the world.”- explains Mikołaj Laguna-Horodniczy – Marketing Manager at Tapflo.

Features & Benefits

Changeable inserts – Thanks to the universal body design, the FT Filter units can be equipped with various filtering inserts. This allows the filters to work with surface treatment baths, oil absorbing systems, and precious metals treatment systems.

Simple and smart design – New FT Filters were designed to reduce the number of parts to a minimum. Filters are easy to maintain and service and the inserts are easy to replace.

Safe and resistant mag drive pump – The FT Filters are equipped with a magnetic driven CTM pump, which provides safe and leakage-free operation.

Wide range of filtering volume – The new FT series can filter volumes which exact the needs of various applications. They are suitable for tanks with a capacity of anything form 200 l (for FT80) to 6000 l (for FT355).

Solid construction – Tapflo FT Filters are made to work in a tough industrial environment; its robust design provides a safe and reliable daily work environment, with both acids and alkali. The FT series is ready to resist hard conditions all over the world.

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