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Tube Holder With Unique IR-reflection System

The global leader of single-use and disposable flow sensors has launched a 1" flow sensor. This is the largest flow sensor in Equflow’s tube holder series with other sizes of 1/4" and 1/2" single-use flow tubes.

A unique electronic IR-reflection system guarantees a high accurate flow measurement covering a flowrate of 30 ml – 200 L/min. 

This tube holder was specifically designed to expedite the exchange of the flow tube in single- use applications. Thanks to its simple design the exchange of the flow tube including calibration can be realized within seconds.

The entire exchanging and calibrating process is limited to scanning a calibration code with the help of a bar code reader and subsequently measuring can continue to take place. The exchanging of a flow device has never been so easy and fast.

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Equflow has perfected the flow measurement of liquids. In ten years, the technology company located in the Dutch province Brabant has thus further developed its own invention into commercial solutions for various applications in which...

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