Canned Motor Pumps for Cooling Inverters in Wind Turbines

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12 Apr 2022  |
HERMETIC Pumpen has developed the new LC series especially for the cooling of inverters in the wind power and railway industries.

During the operation of inverters and transformers, high heat emissions develop that must be dissipated to allow continuous operation. Due to the high demands of wind turbines, refrigeration systems with canned motor pumps from HERMETIC Pumpen are used for this purpose. The canned motor pumps used impress above all with their long, maintenance-free service life and compact, lightweight design. Water-glycol mixtures are mainly used as refrigerants.

Your benefits 

  • Meantime between Failure > 130.000 h
  • Compact design
  • Hermetically sealed system for total environmental friendliness
  • Attractive prices

Application areas 

  • Wind power: Cooling of inverters
  • Railway: Cooling of inverters
  • Railway: Cooling of transformers

Click the link below to read the full application report.

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