ECOM Instruments and Librestream Join Forces to Transform Collaboration in Industrial Environments

ECOM Instruments and Librestream Join Forces to Transform Collaboration in Industrial Environments
2 Nov 2022  |
Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments announces its recent partnership with #1-rated workforce transformation platform for the industrial deskless workforce.

A joint solution consisting of the Visor-Ex® rugged smart glasses, the Smart-Ex® intrinsically safe smartphone, and the Onsight Connect platform opens up a whole new way of collaboration in harsh industrial environments, with remote access to all the needed data as well as real-time support, even in hazardous areas. With the rampant shortage of skilled workers in many industries, plant operators need more powerful communication and knowledge transfer tools to maintain expertise and ensure process quality.

Advanced solutions for collaboration in the field

ECOM Instruments’ Visor-Ex® smart glasses support Librestream’s Onsight platform thanks to the partnership. This powerful combination of intrinsically safe hardware, advanced software, and a next-generation collaboration platform allows mobile workers to work hands-free in harsh environments while accessing all the data, information, and communication features they need to safely navigate complex mission scenarios. At the touch of a button, they can call in experts via Onsight without the need for time-consuming travel to the scene of the incident and stream the current situation via the integrated camera of the smart glasses. Moreover, the joint solution from ECOM and Librestream enables the mobile workers to collect a wide range of data and information on their missions: photos, audio recordings, as well as video recordings of the missions in the field for documentation, analysis and training purposes. This real-time knowledge management facilitates onboarding of new workers in the field, remote support, and the development of digital solutions to save time in installation, maintenance and repair in the long term, minimize the risk of errors, and ensure compliance with norms and standards.

“Today’s industrial businesses require mobile solutions that not only increase productivity but also stand up to the harsh elements of industrial workplaces,” says Carl Henderson, Global Account Manager – Enterprise Mobility at Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments. “The partnership with Librestream supports our vision to digitally supercharge the frontlines enabling people to be safer, more productive, and better connected to co-workers and information.”

“From oil and gas to chemical processing, field workers demand rugged hardware and reliable software that can endure and perform in extreme weather, terrains, and challenging network conditions,” says Marieke Wijtkamp, SVP of Product at Librestream. “With this new integration of our remote connectivity capabilities and ECOM Instruments’ advanced ex-certified wearable solution, we are able to provide workers in potentially hazardous environments with a full toolset that supports their unique needs.”

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