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Radiometric Measurement Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

15 Nov 2023  |
In order to produce a variety of plastics and polymers, petrochemistry deals with the synthesis of hydrocarbon compounds, derived from the refining of crude oil and/or processing of natural gas.

During the production of polymers, extreme conditions can occur, such as high-pressure and high-temperature. Thus, conventional density, level and level-switch measurement solutions can often not be applied or cannot withstand these extreme conditions.

The experts for petrochemical measurement solutions

Berthold’s radiometric measuring systems are used where conventional measurement techniques fail. Berthold is the worldwide leading supplier of radiometric measurement systems for the petrochemical industry. Corrosive, abrasive, high-pressure, and high-temperature environments require a non-contacting technology that can withstand these conditions. Due to the non-intrusive nature of the radiometric measurement and the use of rugged materials, the system is normally wear and tear free and, thus, perfectly suited for the variety of applications in petrochemical plants.

Advantages of radiometric technology:

  • Suitable for extreme operating conditions
  • High reliability and reproducibility due to patented aging and temperature compensation
  • Non-intrusive and contact-free measurement method
  • Free of wear and tear
  • Easy to install on existing pipes and vessels
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • No need for frequent recalibration

About Berthold Technologies

As a world technology leader in the field of radiometric measuring systems, Berthold products convince with outstanding measuring performance and reliability. The main fields of application are, for example, in chemical & polymers (etc. fertilizer industry), steel and power plants, mining & mineral processing, waste & recycling, refineries, paper, glass and as well as in the food industry (etc. sugar beets). In addition, microwave measuring systems for the determination of moisture and concentration belong to our extensive portfolio.  The production of high-quality measuring systems for industry and research began more than 70 years ago in Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest.

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