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Fluid Handling Pro Acquired by CowNect Media

1 Apr 2024  |
ALKMAAR -- April 1, 2024 -- Groundsailer Media announces transition of ownership of Fluid Handling Pro to CowNect Media effective from April 1st, 2024, under the guidance of Roy Koeman, marks an exciting new chapter for the publication.

This change signifies Groundsailer Media’s strategic decision to enhance its diverse portfolio by redirecting efforts from Fluid Handling Pro to its other esteemed resources and publications. CowNect Media’s acquisition heralds a promising future, more engaging articles, and a continued surge in readership.

A Seamless Transition to CowNect Media

The transition to CowNect Media represents a natural progression after years of successful operations under Groundsailer Media’s stewardship,” said Sake Rietveld, managing director of Groundsailer Media.

CowNect Media, committed to expanding reach and building on the established foundation, assures Fluid Handling Pro’s readers and partners of an uninterrupted journey forward. The existing team, a key asset behind Fluid Handling Pro’s success, will remain intact, ensuring a seamless transition.

Guiding Fluid Handling Pro into this new era is a privilege,” said Roy Koeman, owner of CowNect Media. “With our dedicated team, we are eager to create new implementation plans, maintain exceptional standards, and deliver the latest insights into the Fluid Handling Industry to our readers.

The transition to CowNect Media, with the existing team remaining in place, will ensure a seamless experience for Fluid Handling Pro’s readers and partners.

Photo by The Powder Show, Chicago, 2023 – Left: Sake Rietveld Right: Roy Koeman

The Future of Fluid Handling Technology

The fluid handling industry stands at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability. Serving as the lifeblood of diverse sectors, this dynamic industry is responsible for the transportation of liquids and gases through intricate systems.

From state-of-the-art pumps and valves to advanced measurement and control systems, these elements plays crucial role in optimizing processes and ensuring the safe delivery of the end product. As industries strive for greater efficiency and environmental consciousness, the fluid handling industry rises to the challenge, developing cutting-edge technologies to meet evolving demands.  

As Fluid Handling Pro continues its journey under CowNect Media, our valued readers can look forward to following the evolution of the fluid handling industry. With our dedicated team and a shared commitment to growth and quality, this transition promises an exciting and prosperous future for all involved.

Fluid Handling Pro is committed to keeping our readers informed about the latest developments, trends, events, and innovations within this evolving industry. We aim to provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring our readers stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge advancements and transformative changes shaping the fluid handling sector.

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