Make Cooling Water Layup Season a Breeze with Cortec® Corrosion Solutions

21 Sep 2021  |
Cooling water layup season is fast approaching. No matter what one’s shutdown plans are, Cortec® has a product that makes it easier to protect against corrosion during the preservation period.

Whether this season means preserving a closed or open loop system, conducting a wet layup or a dry one, water treatment professionals can find an attractive solution to keep idle cooling system internals in good condition to avoid an onslaught of corrosion-related complications by the time next spring comes around.

Advantages of Cortec® Cooling Water ‘Animals’

Cortec’s layup “animals” offer countless benefits for cooling system preservation. Of special importance is their vapor-phase protection. In contrast to “contact-only” inhibitors, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors protect inaccessible and recessed surfaces within the enclosed idle system for more thorough preservation. These corrosion inhibitors are packaged in water-soluble pouches that enable safe and easy hands-off application and do not need to be removed prior to startup; they simply dissolve in the makeup water. In the long run, Cortec® cooling water “animals” can help reduce chemical consumption and costs (e.g., unscheduled downtime, loss of service, unbudgeted labor) and eliminate environmental hazard and disposal problems. Three specific cooling water “animals” are available for different types of cooling systems and layup needs.

Cooling Tower Frog®

The Cooling Tower Frog® is specially designed for dry layup of cooling tower systems for seasonal, short-term, or long-term periods. Once the system has been drained, the Cooling Tower Frog® can be removed from its outer barrier bag, placed flat into the designated equipment, and slit open. VpCI® molecules vaporize and adsorb on all metal surfaces, reaching even recessed areas and interior cavities as long as the system remains enclosed. These corrosion inhibitors form a strong self-replenishing protective molecular layer on the metal until startup. As with the other “animals,” the Cooling Tower Frog® does not have to removed prior to filling the system back up.

Cooling Loop Gator®

The Cooling Loop Gator® is perfect for wet layup or flushing applications. These water-soluble bags packed with VpCI® corrosion inhibitors may be added directly to the cooling water basin and circulated for 12-24 hours in order to form and leave behind a strong  protective layer on the cooling system internals. The water can subsequently be drained (or partially drained) out (flushing layup) or left in the system for wet layup when freezing is not a concern.

Closed Loop Toad®

As its name suggests, Closed Loop Toad® was developed to provide corrosion protection in recirculating and operating closed loop systems. Application is similar to the Cooling Loop Gator®. Water soluble bags can be added to the bypass pot feeder or another accessible point in the closed loop system and circulated in the closed loop water. The water may be drained for dry layup or left inside for wet layup as desired. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors provide multi-phase corrosion protection below the water, above the water, and at the air-water interface.

Order Your Cooling Water Layup ‘Animals’ Now

As sure as the seasons come, shutdown time is here. Although corrosion prevention during this sensitive time of layup is critical, it does not have to be difficult, thanks to Cortec’s corrosion solutions. Take the easy and effective route to successful preservation by putting Cortec’s cooling water “animals” to work this fall! For more information, ask your water treatment service provider or contact Cortec®:

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