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Noise Protection with use of Valve Silencers

Noise Protection with use of Valve Silencers
17 Aug 2017  |
SANT ESTEVE SESROVIRES - Noise protection is more demanded lately during valve request process, is quite common to have a proper request in valve data sheet for noise admissible level in dB.

Sometimes especially when valve is working either gasses or steam, the expansion and elevated pressures at time of discharge and the high velocity of gas flow generate noise during valve opening or discharge.

Protect noise is a must for majority of enterprises working under standard ISO 14001 and 18001 so valve producers and distributers are committed to find solutions for satisfy customer requirements.

Our range of diffusers or silencers are custom made in order to ensure noise reduction, is designed in different materials such carbon steel, stainless steel, exotic materials…, can be coated, painted according any customer requirement

and installed next to the point, to the top of the plant, connections could be flanged end, or support legs, brackets etc.

Valve silencers will depend from mass or volumetric flow capacity, differential pressure, fluid, temperature, noise level generated and noise level required, point of noise measurement as well materials will depend from process data conditions, medium, service.

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