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PIOX® R Inline Process Refractometer – Concentration Measurement of Highly Corrosive Media

20 Apr 2020  |
The concentration analysis of liquid media is one of the most critical parameters for a proper process and quality control within the Chemical Industry.

By measuring the refractive index, concentration levels of many media consumed or created within the chemical and textile fiber industry, such as solvents, acids, caustics as well as other – often corrosive and toxic – intermediate and end products, can accurately be monitored and a total quality control be assured.

When dealing with highly corrosive media, such as hydrochloric, strong sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid, the new inline process refractometer PIOX®R offers, in its special carbon fibre reinforced PTFE design variant, an unrivalled corrosion resistance, very high accuracy as well as long term stability and reliability in such harsh environments.

Being ATEX Zone 0/1, 1 and 2 certified and available with long and short sensor heads that can be integrated into the process via DIN / ANSI flange or the proprietary FLEXIM flow cell, PIOX® R is the ideal process analytical technology for a wide array of liquid media within the chemical industry.

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