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Ecological Stretch Film Factory in Poland

1 Jun 2022  |


This recycling plant, where plastic films for agricultural and industrial use are produced, dewaters a very fibrous sludge. This type of sludge contains up to 5 cm long plastic pieces which is making this sludge problematic to dewater. The pilot unit RVP-241 dewatered this highly fibrous sludge without any problems thanks to its patented double-cutting movement of the rings. The previous sludge dewatering equipment blocked after a few minutes of operation.

Pilot test information

It was the customer´s wish to minimize the sludge volume as much as possible. Considering the unstable properties of the sludge, the customer was very satisfied we can provide a solution that will smoothly dewater this tricky sludge. Because the factory was not in a full operation yet, there was not enough sludge produced for a long-term VOLUTE DUOTM´s dewatering test. However, the performance of this type of machine persuaded the customer it will solve the facility´s sludge dewatering problems and will ensure stable and low maintenance operation.

In the end, the customer decided for VOLUTE DUOTM dewatering press, model RVP-501, to be installed on site.

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)6630 mg/l
Total Solids (TS)0.95 %
Fiber Content35.5 %
Flow Rate3.4 m3/h
Throughput32.3 kg-DS/h
Cake DS Contents18 %
Polymer typeCWE10
Active Polymer Dosage3.7 g/kg-DS
SS Capture Rate97 %

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