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SAMSON and PFEIFFER Supply Valves for Technology Park on the Red Sea

SAMSON and PFEIFFER Supply Valves for Technology Park on the Red Sea
14 Mar 2022  |
SAMSON and PFEIFFER will supply more than 1000 valves for a new hydrogen electrolysis plant in Saudi Arabia.

The plant, which is located in a technology park of the planned city of Neom on the Red Sea, will supply an electrolysis capacity of 2 GW and be fitted with at least 100 standard modules with 20 MW capacity each. This is an enormous order, both for PFEIFFER Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH in Kempen, Germany as well as the parent company, SAMSON with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The order resulted from an agreement concluded between a leading US supplier of industrial gases and a large German plant engineering company with the intention of generating green hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

Immediately after the ink on the contract to build the gigantic electrolysis plant had dried, SAMSON PFEIFFER also got the go-ahead to start supplying the control and shut-off valves made in Germany for the plant in the Middle East.

“We were entrusted with handling this innovative technology and developing it further for several reasons,” says Mr. Guido König, business development expert responsible for hydrogen applications at SAMSON. One of these reasons includes the ability to supply large numbers of the required valves at short notice. Another is that the valves‘ technical features guarantee the required safety level in a high-risk environment. And lastly, SAMSON has already gathered sufficient experience with such highly demanding applications from chlorine electrolysis systems. “This makes us a competent partner also for the complex requirements that apply in the H2 segment,” adds SAMSON‘s manager for sustainable industries.

Mr. André Schnepper, head of sales at PFEIFFER, focuses on the ecological footprint: ”With this large order, we are given the opportunity to contribute to the design of the CO2-neutral factory of the future.” Mr. Schnepper underscores the environmental aspects of the business deal in times of climate change. SAMSON PFEIFFER now significantly supports the sustainable generation of energy, which is why Mr. Schnepper considers the Neom valve order to be a ”production route into the future”.

Both PFEIFFER and SAMSON emphasize that they need to join forces to handle such a megaproject. ”ONE SAMSON is the slogan we live by,” says Mr. Marcus Miertz, former CEO of PFEIFFER and Director of Sales and Marketing responsible for the SAMSON sales operations since January 2022. PFEIFFER was founded as a family business in Germany‘s lower Rhine region in 1974. In 1995, the company joined the SAMSON GROUP.

The huge order is a significant step in SAMSON‘s path forward within the innovative hydrogen technology environment. Mr. König: ”The dramatic changes in the climate challenge us to realign our activities, make our work resource-friendly and push decarbonization.” Mr. Miertz stresses that the order will also secure the jobs of many staff members and

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