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PCM ECOMOINEAU™ MX - The Progressive Cavity Pump Equipped with Maintenance in Place System

5 Sep 2023  |
The PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump is specially designed to offer easy and fast maintenance with its integrated in-place maintenance system as standard. Maintenance operations can be carried out on-site without removing the pump from its installation, reducing downtime, and optimizing industrial productivity.

Its clever modular design provides easy access to internal components, reducing maintenance costs while ensuring long-term optimal performance. The PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump is more compact than similar progressive cavity pumps, requiring less space for maintenance (just 7 cm is sufficient for larger models).

In addition to its in-place maintenance system, this pump stands out with unmatched performance. It combines the advantages of eccentric screw pump technology with the characteristics of progressive cavity pumps, providing optimal efficiency and proven reliability in various industrial applications.

In summary, the PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump is the ideal choice for industries seeking a high-performance, robust, and user-friendly pumping solution. With its standard-equipped in-place maintenance system, it enables productivity optimization.

Maintenance in place system

The new maintenance system in place as standard on the entire PCM Ecomoineau™ MX range allows the stator and/or rotor to be replaced in just 5 steps and without having to remove the pump from its installation. Maintenance time is considerably reduced, which in turn reduces downtime and life-cycle costs.

The PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump is the ideal choice for industries seeking a high-performing, robust, and user-friendly pumping solution. With its integrated maintenance in place system as a standard feature, it enables productivity optimization.

The EcoMoineau™ MX is available in different versions:

  • Integrated, monobloc or bearing mounting
  • Multistandard flanges or hopper in suction side


  • Different rotor and stator materials available
  • Multi-standard flanges
  • Enlarged inspection doors
  • Revolutionary articulation
  • Maintenance system in place as standard
  • ATEX Certification in option

Find the new catalogue with the PCM EcoMoineau™MX here.

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