Pinch Valves Never Clog

Pinch Valves Never Clog
Municipalities around the world have been protecting the environment and the health of their citizens for over a century by treating sewerage before discharging it into lakes and streams.

It looks so simple: meter the sewerage into an oxidation ditch and let the micro biomes digest it, extracts the solids, and decant the clean water out the top.  On the first inspection, you might assume the engineering and technology wouldn’t change much over time.  Then COVID changed everything. 

With the onset of the COVID infection, sewerage plants were suddenly inundated by a tsunami of rags, paper towels, and so-called “disposable wipes”.  These “disposable” wipes clogged screens, pipes, pumps, and valves.

Smart engineers know how to keep rags and towels from plugging valves:  A pinch valve has no gate, no track, no plug, no disc.  In short, there is absolutely nothing inside a pinch valve where rags or wipes can get purchase.  They are smooth bore providing the lowest pressure drop and best clog resistance of any valve type. For over 70-years pinch valves have proven themselves to be the best choice on raw sewerage, raw activated sludge, and return activated sludge.  In sewerage collecting systems serving communities where there are sharp differences in elevation, pinch valves have demonstrated their superior ability to accurately control flow and resist cavitation damage while handling large pressure drops.

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A major pinch valve manufacturer in South Jersey was bought out by a multi-national corporation which subsequently closed the operation in 1994. Six former employees of this company started Onyx Valve Co. on May 1, 1995. Since then our customers have made us the fastest growing pinch valve company in the world. We have since expanded to a 50 person ...