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Val-Matic Control Systems

Val-Matic Control Systems
20 Aug 2020  |
Val-Matic Control Systems provide low maintenance and reliable control of butterfly, plug and ball valves equipped with cylinder actuators.

Hydraulic and electric panels control the valves with air, oil or water power. Val-Matic’s control systems have exclusive features for hydraulic and electric panels such as waterproof and corrosion-resistant enclosures, rigid brass pipe with heavy-duty hose and fittings, supply line with isolation valve and pressure gauge and heavy-duty switches and transformer pilot lights. In addition to control panels and oil accumulator systems, Val-Matic valves can be equipped with limit switches, pressure switches and positioners for remote control and operation.

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Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. is a leading manufacturer of Air Valves, Check Valves and Quarter Turn Shut-Off Valves for water/wastewater, power, industrial, fire protection and HVAC applications. Val-Matic is respected worldwide for products with...

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