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Individual Configuration for Every Application

Individual configuration for every application
20 Jun 2019  |
The MULTILINE CONFIGURATOR makes it easy to combine the diverse options of the modular MULTILINE multiple connector system.

The multiple and multi-media connectors of the Eisele MULTILINE series offer an innovative modular kit system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants, liquids, electronics and electrical wiring in one connector body.


To present the diverse options of combining the MULTILINE modules and to give users a free planning tool for selection and configuration of the right MULTILINE product, Eisele has developed the MULTILINE CONFIGURATOR. In a step-by-step process, users can choose the form, size and adaptive inserts, as well as any accessories in order to configure a custom MULTILINE E multiple connector. The list of parts can then be used to request a quote from Eisele.

Practical locking lever complements MULTILINE

The MULTILINE series also includes an optimized housing version with a practical locking lever. The lever enables connection and disconnection within seconds. This quick-change system also requires less manual force, making it very convenient to operate a MULTLINE E multiple connector that is completely equipped with drip-free adaptive inserts.

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