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Applied Motion Products Creates Tools for Programmers to Use Python Language with Its Stepper and Servo Motors

Applied Motion Products Creates Tools for Programmers
15 Mar 2019  |
WATSONVILLE, CA - Applied Motion Products now offers a set of free tools for programmers using Python, the popular computer programming language, to use with its stepper and servo motors to quickly and efficiently integrate motor control into their applications.

These new tools, including an application note and sample code, guide Python programmers in sending high-level motion commands, using Applied Motion’s Serial Command Language (SCL), to one or more axes of stepper and/or servo motors.

Step-by-step instructions and examples explain how to do the following:

  • Establish communications between a Python application and the motion control axes.
  • Send commands to one or more axes.
  • Handle replies from the axes including acknowledgments and data requests.

Applied Motion Products Creates Tools for Programmers

Simple and intuitive, the SCL commands are text-based, making them easy to read and understand. Programmers can stream SCL commands to one or more motor axes at a time, creating straightforward sequences of motion profiles on multiple axes. SCL provides commands for motion control including homing, absolute, relative and jog move types as well as input/output control, drive status, alarm status, and much more. SCL commands can be sent over Ethernet TCP or UDP, RS-485, and RS-232 connections.

Based on the popularity of the Python language, the new tools from Applied Motion Products can help millions of users worldwide to incorporate step motors and servo motors into their projects using a simple, yet powerful command set specifically designed for motion control.

To download Applied Motion Python programming tools for its stepper and servo motors, visit

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